Where Should You Buy Cell Phone And Tablet Accessories?

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by Anne Middleton, on June 21st, 2016

Excitement from owning a cell phone comes not just from possessing the actual Smartphone, but also from choosing the functional, fashionable and fun accessories to go with it. One of the best selections for earplugs, audio gadgets and other popular add-ons for just about any model of mobile phone or tablet can be found at the Verizon shop, and easily purchased.

Here you can explore cell phone accessories from cases and chargers to headphones and wearable tech. The professionals at Verizon will assure that whatever accessory you chose will work with your specific version of Smartphone and tablet.

• Cases. Cell phone cases and tablet covers have a variety of purposes, which makes these protective accessories a great investment to extend the lives of technology gadgets. Cases for mobile phones and tablets are literally available in a rainbow of colors, configurations and styles. There are cases that snap on, fold over, have pockets, and are manufactured from vinyl or leather and more.  The choices are literally endless. Cases have become a style trend and can even be personalized.

Choose a case for both your tablet and mobile phone that defends your device against scratches, liquid spills, the heat of the sun, airborne dust and those unfortunate moments when you put your smartphone in the same pocket as your keys.

When you opt for a case, you can choose the price you want to pay from $3.00 to $150.00 and view a detailed photo of the accessory from a variety of angles to assure you select the perfect case for your needs. 

• Screen Protector. Another important accessory that helps protect your investment in a new tablet is a high-strength screen protector.  You’ll want a screen guard that is smudge-proof, resists glare and avoids abrasions. Look for options that protect against dust, scratches and daily wear and tear. The self-adhesive options allow for easy application and removal.

• Audio Accessories. Probably the most popular additions to Smartphones and tablets are audio components.  Ear buds, speakers and headphones are all available from high-quality manufacturers at Verizon.  With Verizon, you can ask questions through their online chat before or after you purchase any accessory.

Special offers include free shipping on every audio accessory purchase, and you can likely save even more with a Verizon promo code.

Just for Your Tablet

There was a time when people dismissed the need of a portable tablet.  After all, there were already laptops of every size and weight. Today, the data reveals that consumers are flocking to purchase this nifty hand-held electronic device. Almost 220 million units of tablets were shipped globally in 2013  and an estimated 286 million tablets are forecast to be shipped in 2018 worldwide.

Whether you’ve chosen an iPad, Android tablet or a Microsoft Surface, a few well-placed accessories can make the experience of using a tablet even better.

• Tablet Stand.  Some sort of method for allowing your portable iPad or Android tablet to stand on its own is almost a necessity.  A specialized stand allows the tablet to remain hands free, relieving stress on your neck and wrists. In a professional setting, a tablet stand offers a simple way to hold your tablet upright to allow for easy viewing for your customers. The best tablet stands can be used either in portrait of landscape positions. 

• Keyboards. To increase their typing speeds on tablets, some individuals prefer an external keyboard.  You can choose from keyboards that are light and compact with well-spaced keys.  There are even some that are backlit making typing easier in darkened presentation rooms or classrooms. 

Enhance your experience and increase the way you use your cell phone and tablet with exciting and affordable accessories.  





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