Why You MUST Take A Vacation

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by Anne Middleton, on June 22nd, 2016

Americans work hard. Maybe too hard. Weekends are more like workends. We sleep with our smartphones. And we think vacations are for wimps. So when we finally decide to travel away from the office, we often take work along with us. But booking an escape through Travelocity or securing hotel accommodations on Hotels.com can provide a necessary break from the chaos of everyday life. Research shows that very relaxed holiday trips boost vacationers’ happiness before, during and even after returning .  And you’ll be even more relaxed when you save money on airfare and car rentals with CheapOair.

Unlike the majority of other countries, American workers don’t take all their vacation days, leaving, by some estimates, 577 million unused days very year.  However it may surprise you to know that in a recent survey, 40% of executives surveyed said they thought their employees would be more productive if they took their vacations.

How Many Vacations?

A large number of people would enjoy taking a vacation and traveling to distant lands as often as possible and revel in the extravagance of a full-service hotel room.  The ability to jump onto Travelocity.com and book an adventure with ease is tempting for just about everyone.

Taking a break and learning or experiencing something new usually helps you all around. Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg emphasizes that taking time off is a key part of her lifestyle. When asked by The New York Times how she would balance her demanding job, Sandberg responded simply that she would take all of her vacation days.

No Reason to Hesitate

Often, families and individuals have financial constraints that they believe might limit their ability to book a trip. Any concerns about cost can be managed easily when your log onto Travelocity.com.

Travelocity delivers bargains on flights, hotels and cruises. Their vacation bundles range from fantasy flights to overnight journeys, with choices at every price point. To secure the optimum Travelocity coupon on your premium trip, check PromoCodesForYou for up-to-the-minute offers!

There is no reason to fret about the cost of your hotel room either. Hotels.com, a leading provider of lodging worldwide, offers travelers one of the widest selections of discount lodging accommodations including traditional hotels, vacation rentals and bed and breakfasts at more than 500,000 properties worldwide.

Hotels.com codes offer travelers additional discounts on select hotel properties. Plus, this leading hotel website offers an easy-to-use loyalty program.

Need to rent a car?  CheapOair not only offers incredible deals on flight deals for over 60 nations, they offer extremely affordable options for car rentals worldwide. Whether you are looking for an economy car, a spacious sedan, a luxury vehicle or a SUV, you'll find unbeatable car rental rates that can be pre-booked with CheapOair.

Perhaps the stand-out feature of CheapOair is their award winning support team.  Last year CheapOair received both the American Business Award for their superior Customer Service Department and the Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service.

Easy to Justify

If you are still feeling a bit uncomfortable, even guilty about taking a vacation away from your job, here are a few more reasons to change your mind and fulfill your vacation dream:

• Your brain needs a break.  Have you ever been on a long commute home and your mind starts to wander.  Suddenly, the idea of a new advertising campaign or the strategy for how to use your newly developed app pops into your mind.

Allowing free flowing thoughts is extremely beneficial. Traveling away from the office on a trip planned with the help of Travelocity planners and CheapOair packages are great ways to allow your brain to refocus and become more creative afterwards. Vacations provide you with the time to recharge your brain cells.

• Breaks from your business allow you both to grow. Booking a hotel in a culturally different environment provides a different prospective than the four walls your office can offer.

Regardless of your position in a company, time away from work gives you an excellent opportunity to reflect, learn new cultures and change your perspective.  You’ll find that a new environment will help you gain better vision as you return to your every day job.

Using CheapOair, not only to find stunning airline deals, but also to rent a vehicle is invaluable.  CheapOair rental cars allow you to explore the nooks and crannies of cities and towns on any sized budget.  You’ll revel in the ability to drive just about anywhere and seek out more than just the traditional tourist stops.

• New inspiration. A vacation away from work has lasting effects.  Many employees return to their desks refreshed, and tend to approach projects with more vigor, opting to tackle them with gusto rather than settling for easy solutions. You never know where inspiration will come from, but it surely won’t be found while you’re engaged in the same environment and seeing the same faces for years without a vacation. Use CheapOair to explore low-cost flight anywhere in the world and book transportation to explore new locales.

No matter where your next adventure takes you, Hotels.com is the obvious choice for hotel accommodations at all price points. Their passion for travel is clear and their website and mobile app are fun and simple to use. If you are indecisive about where to explore on your next vacation, Travelocity offers their 2016 Summer Travel Index, identifying the best cities for a summer vacation. And before your purchase your airline tickets or car rental package, CheapOair.com is a necessary stop. Lighten your load and escape from your daily routine with a vacation for you and your family.





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