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Wife Appreciation Day

by Anne Middleton, on September 18th, 2015

September 20th is Wife Appreciation Day.  If you gave that beaming Cinderella her glass slipper oh-so-long-ago, perhaps it’s time to celebrate Wife Appreciation Day and show her she’s still foremost in your heart.  Let’s find some shoes that say, “I love you.”

Shoes for the Adventure of Life….Together—When you said “Will you marry me,” you may have well queried “Will you go on the adventure of life with me?”  Sure you’ve had your ups and downs, but surely there’s been some revelry along the way too.  Converse are up for any adventure and there’s no better Converse for your consort than The Missoni Collection by Converse.  For richer or poorer, these shoes are definitely in reach.  Converse offers free shipping on your order of $50 or more with our codes.

Say “I Do” again—If lounging by the spa is your helpmeet’s choice, or retail therapy, say “I do” to the “I Do!”Line by UGG.  Show your wife just how much you cherish her in these snowy shoes by UGG.  Sparkly, fluffy, adorned with bows - there’s a shoe in the line for every woman.  Give her the flocculent comfort of UGGs and enjoy free shipping and free returns on your orders using our codes. 

Let Her Shine—No glass clodhoppers to be found on the Boston Proper site, but they do have two standout shoes that will glimmer at any soiree your wife finds herself attending.  The Sequin Boot and the Amazing Sparkle Wedge both will have her feeling like a fairy tale come true.  Plus, you won’t have to waltz around town to find the best price on these shoes.  Get 10% off when you sign up for emails from Boston Proper. 

Kiss her feet on Wife Appreciation Day and we know it will make your marriage that much more delightful.   Best yet, shod her in the finest shoes around at the best prices.  Converse, UGG and Boston Proper feature a plethora of shoes any woman will say “I do” to and with our codes feel free to splurge.