mcafee wild west

Wild, Wild West

by Anne Middleton, on February 26th, 2015

The settling and homesteading of the untamed, Wild West began in the early 1800’s.  Today there is another lawless and undisciplined environment that requires freshly trained and educated professionals.

It’s a fact…safeguarding our technology with high level security strategies possesses astonishing similarities to conquering the Wild, Wild West.

Both these battles share parallel characteristics.  For example, settling the American Frontier was a dangerous undertaking, just as in today’s electronic world, protecting data is a perilous occurrence. 

Both stages of our history are comprised of wicked villains endeavoring to derail good old-fashioned progress.  These desperados are capable of implementing widespread distress among our citizens.  Their sneaky methods would be successful if not for the crafty skills of order-abiding officers.

So fear not, my fellow cowboys and cowgirls.  There are honorable lawmen (and women) that have emerged in this technology town to take on the outlaws of spyware and seize their malevolent tools of destruction.

The Wyatt Earp of this electronic age is the renowned software available from Norton. Just as Wyatt Earp’s reputation as a fearless marshal is recalled even after over 85 years post-mortem, Norton Antivirus software will be forever celebrated as a pioneer in electronic safety.

Installing Norton’s premiere programs will bestow upon your network the equal reassurance relished by the pioneering settlers of the Old West.  You can rest easy with rock-solid Norton protection for all of your devices.

The unsurpassed protagonist of the Old West is Mr. John Wayne.  This cinematic hero summons up images as a tough and rugged cowboy. As a result of his 175 cinematic achievements, John Wayne eternally dwells in our memories as a valiant, confident and courageous hero.

Mirroring John Wayne’s bravery, McAfee stands tall and never flees from danger.  Since McAfee began defending our electronic gizmos, contraptions and widgets in 1987, their elite status in antivirus software has been unparalleled.

When BitdDfender galloped onto the cyber scene, they were ready to become the quintessential symbol of antivirus protection.  Like Clint Eastwood, they won countless awards, but never allowed their ego to get in their way from sheltering the public from the fight against malware.

These and other famous gunmen, rough necks and motion picture superstars epitomize the ultimate security of protecting American citizens. 

As we enter this fluctuating, new frontier of technology fraught with bad guys and bandits, it is reassuring to have distinguished and legendary corporations shielding us from the dangers of cyber criminals.

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