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Winter Looks: Ugly Christmas Sweater Trends & More

by Anne Middleton, on December 18th, 2018

Looking stylish during the colder months always seems to pose a bigger challenge than dressing for the rest of the seasons. Most of us would rather just snuggle ourselves in blankets and hide underneath the covers.  But since it is necessary to venture outside, looking presentable takes some planning (and shopping).  These winter looks will keep you on trend and toasty warm.


Popularity of Winter Wear
Americans are not afraid to spend their hard-earned dollars on items to bundle up when the weather changes to rain, frost, and snow.  The winter wear market in the United States is estimated to grow at almost 3% by 2020.  Holiday season sales and outdoor winter apparel are an important part of this lucrative market.


In order to help you stay on trend and get the most from your money, here are some of the most popular styles to look for:


• Loving Layers
When you step outdoors in the chill of winter, the art of layering quickly becomes your best friend.


The great thing about layering is that you can add or remove something on the fly. It might be cold outside, but in the office or when visiting friends, it can be quite warm. Instead of sweating in a sauna of your own steam, simply remove your outwear to feel comfortable. 


The trick to building the perfect layering look is to go from “thin to thick.” You want your bottom layers to be the thinnest, such as cotton, followed by a thicker garment such as a woolen sweater. Then include a heavier cardigan or jacket as needed. Depending on the temperature you can add a scarf and a stylish hat.


Wool is a great insulating fabric for the outer layer. It may be worth the splurge of special cashmere apparel to keep you in fashion without suffering from the frigid weather. Cashmere is an amazing fabric. Yes, it is an investment, but this scrumptious fabric is actually lightweight, soft, and more insulating than wool.


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• Becoming Neutral
Less harsh than black, shades of brown are big news this season. It’s not just the solid version of this wooded color. Brown checks add a luxe feel to any outfit. A variety of shades from khaki and beige to camel provide the optimum foundation for your entire outfit. Warmer tones including whiskey brown will be accompanied by vibrant and strong hues to add a pop of color with a scarf or bright shoes.


The trending color pallet expands to include Marsala, a warm burgundy or maroon hue. It offers a welcoming, versatile shade to incorporate into your closet.


• Roar into Winter
Animal prints have long been a wardrobe staple for stylish women, but get ready to see the trend completely explode this winter. From luxe leopard to snakeskin and zebra, there are endless options to take your look to the wild side. For one of the hottest winter looks, you’ll want to be on the prowl for a faux fur leopard jacket or sassy animal print blouse to create an eye-catching outfit for the new season.


• Check It Out
Giving animal prints some competition this season are the ever-popular checks and plaids. It’s not all about traditional pieces, such as blazers.  Checked prints are modernized and reimagined from a belted midi dress ideal for layering, to trench coats and wide-leg trousers. This is a simple trend you can wear in endless ways.


• Don’t Forget the Feet
Winter footwear this season is far from boring. Classic styles will always be important staples in your wardrobe, but adapting to this season’s trendiest shoe designs is a simple way to instantly up your fashion game.


The modern-day boot is both warm and can look still chic. Although the black boot is a wardrobe essential, up your game with reasonably priced designer white boots. They saw their big debut last year, but instead of fading away like most trends, they are predicted to be even bigger as the weather turns blustery.


Nothing compares to a classic Chelsea boot (ankle-high boots with an elastic side panel). You can count on this look year after year, but it may be time to update the selection in your closet to include a pair with some bling or studs.


Rain boots have a reputation for looking pretty boring, but this season, florals and prints adorn this practical accessory.  You’ll actually be hoping the clouds open up just so you can wear your galoshes.


And speaking of returning styles, the over-the-knee boot has been revitalized with the emphasis on comfort. They are the ultimate sidekick to any mini skirt or dress for the chillier months and they just might become your favorite footwear of the season.


Shoes have a transformative power, so wearing one of this season’s in-vogue pairs will make anything look automatically cooler.


• Not So Ugly
Ugly sweaters have been around for a long time, and they have now actually developed into a fashion trend. These days, there is a situation of “one-upmanship” and ugly sweater contests, with everyone trying to find the most appalling apparel.


The sweaters themselves have gone from cheap ugly Christmas sweaters that were simply tacky, to deliberately outrageous. To formalize the entire craze, the third Friday of December each year has been declared “National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day”. In fact, it’s likely your inbox is full of invites to ugly sweater parties.


Whether you’re an ugly Christmas sweater die-hard, or just someone who something to wear to their office’s themed party, check-out the options at for clothing that will surely crown you the Queen (or King) of ugly Christmas sweaters.


The winter season comes with lots of charming outfits to stay warm and stylish at the same time. Hopefully, these winter looks have you excited for the cooler weather.