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Winter Shoes Everyone Should Own

by Anne Middleton, on January 1st, 2016

Despite amazing advances in health and wellness, flu and pneumonia continue to be in the top 10 causes of death in the United States. Especially vulnerable are children and the elderly.  Children two years old and younger and adults over 65 are especially vulnerable to pneumonia.  Besides extra vitamin C, the vaccines available, vigorous handwashing and other preventative measures, be sure to keep bundled up this season.  It may be an old wives’ notion that “you take cold through your feet”, but it is important to shield feet from the elements and blustery weather.  Here’s some shoes to help you stay warm and healthy this winter. 

For the little ones:
The Kit Boot by UGG is waterproof and perfect toddler boys.  Our tiny girls will love the Gemma Boot by UGG too.  Children in more temperate climates need protective footwear too, so take a look at the Chuck Taylor Easy Slip for Infants by Converse

For the mature:
You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for sensible footwear.  Many of Boston Proper’s boots, like the Floral Vine Cowboy Boot, look good and insulate you from the weather, fashionably!  For those in less clement climates, UGG offers fluffy, comfortable boots, like the Amie.  UGG has great winter bundles too, including gloves and scarves. 

Make sure you and yours have the shoes you need.  Young and old both need extra protection from the inter elements so make sure everyone has the shoes they need to stay warm and healthy.  It’s easy to shop online for the whole family with our coupon codes, so use them and save!