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Winterize Your Vehicle

by Anne Middleton, on October 23rd, 2015

Winter is coming.  No, we haven’t been watching too much Game of Thrones.  Winter is on its way, so is your car ready for a polar vortex, or at least a little snow?  Take some time now to winterize your vehicle before too much holiday merry-making puts a dent in your pocket book.


1.  Check your battery—Run a battery load test with your mechanic.  At frigid temperatures, a fully-charged lead acid battery retains only half its amp-hour capacity.  Battery not ready for Jack Frost?  Auto Parts Warehouse has an array of batteries, like the Optima Red Top, and you’ll get 5% off your order utilizing our codes.

2. Evaluate your tires—If you’ve been seeing blankets of snow, you may need snow tires to get you through the winter, or snow chains.  4 Wheel Parts will get your through whatever winter tempest besieges your area.  They offer Link Chain Non-CAM LT SUV/LT Snow Chains.  You won’t feel frigid about shopping online with 4 Wheel Parts.  They offer 5% off orders.

3. Arm yourself—Snowbrushes and snow scrapers will become a vanishing commodity as temperatures plummet so get them now.  Advance Auto Parts offers dexterous brushes, like the Subzero Snow Brush.  Christmas can come early this year, especially when you shop online using our codes.  Get 20% off your order.

4. Check your oil—Gelid temperatures diminish oil’s effectiveness, so take some time to change your oil to a thinner one.  Frosty temperatures tend to thicken oils.  Do this before the first frost.  4 Wheel Drive offers 5% off when you shop with our codes. 

Sleigh bells aren’t quite ringing yet, but that doesn’t mean your car won’t be feeling the effects of the frost soon.  Get your car ready for Jack Frost and don’t get jacked around by high retail markups at the big box auto stores when you use our codes to save.