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Woo Hoo! It's Party Time!

by Anne Middleton, on November 10th, 2014

You may not be an expert in party planning, but you will be able to impersonate a professional social goddess with just a bit of help.  Get ready to assemble the people and props to make this birthday party an impressive and inspiring event.


First stop…Party SuperCenter. Leading party supply experts have come together to form a “one-stop shop” where you can buy affordable party ware for birthdays, holidays and all milestone occasions. Among the many offerings are tableware, décor, party favors, balloons, personalized products and goofy extras to keep the party going. Consider a piñata from Party SuperCenter.  Nothing says fun like a hollow paper animal shape stuffed with candy being beaten by your friends. Order your favorite party supplies today from Party SuperCenter and prepare for countless compliments. And you can get even more savings at PromoCodesForYou.com.


Having an outdoor party?  Then checkout Oakley, one of the leading sports brands in the world. Oakley is famed for its unbeatable lens technologies. Their unmatched, world renowned polar lenses reduce reflections and enhance contrast, improving visual clarity and reducing eye strain. Their sun shades are perfect for watching that hunky surfer or that gal in a polka dot bikini strolling by during a beach bar-b-que birthday gala.


But first, you need to create and send invitations to your shindig.  (What’s a birthday party without people, right?). And these days, emailing your invitations are all the rage.  But you’ll require a reliable computer to assure every one of your buddies receives the “evite.”  So invest in a trailblazer brand name in laptops, HP! HP now presents the next-generation in processing power with ultra-slim laptops. They even offer BeatsAudio™, an enhanced audio controller that provides a deep, controlled bass while maintaining a vibrant, pure sound. Unequalled for entertainment and business.


If you go through your check list and find that your have forgotten to order festive centerpieces, do not panic! Walk slowly to your new HP and log onto FromYouFlowers.  FromYouFlowers does not charge extra for same-day delivery. They have arrangements to place next to your cake, on the table, in the sand, on a pedestal or whatever you can imagine.


What about your feet? Yes, your feet.  You don’t want to be a party pooper because your tootsies ache. Sandals for celebrations at the shore,  slippers for sleepovers, boots for outdoor dining, sneakers for kids’ parties, loafers for guy’s night out….you can find it all at Houser Shoes.  Houser Shoes is a family owned, leading online shoe retailer that presents the best prices on such brand name footwear as Clarks, New Balance  and Sperry Topsiders.  Find great deals on Houser Shoes with coupons from PromoCodesForYou.


Every birthday needs a birthday toast. But what if you don’t know the difference between wine and grape juice? Fear not! Wine.com delivers comprehensive knowledge in this category of liquid refreshments.  Have you ever stared at a wall of libations, unclear what you were looking at? Or felt inferior when asking for help from a snooty sales clerk or sommelier? With Wine.com, it doesn’t need to be that way! Wine.com even retains on-line chat experts to guide you. Your buddies will give you all the credit of being a wine connoisseur.


Every party has a cake. How else would you blow out the birthday candles? But you should always strategize to stand out from the crowd.  Cupcakes are so “last year” and a bundt cake reminds you of your Aunt Martha’s 88th birthday. Be innovative! Turn to Mrs. Fields and order a “Big Cookie Cake.”  This ginormous cookies measure 12” in diameter…each Mrs. Field’s Big Cookie Cake is the equivalent of sixteen cookies. It is a tasty site to see and a brilliant idea. There are even eight flavors to choose from.


And when the party has concluded and the guests have all exited, don’t toss out those leftovers. FoodSaver will assist your with their stupendous devices to store and preserve food instead of dumping your hard earned bucks into the trash. These mind-boggling tools create an air-tight seal to maintain freshness. Plus, FoodSaver machines are compact and easy-to-use.


Good job! You are no longer a novice party planner.  Now get some rest. You deserve it.