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Workout At The Mall

by Anne Middleton, on December 25th, 2015

You may be drinking egg nog.  You may have eaten too much ribbon candy.  Going to the mall soon?  Though malls have been struggling, nearly 75% of Americans visit a mall at least once a month.  Make it a work out.  Here’s a few tips to making your next trek to the mall healthier.

1.  Pack a bottle of water.  You’ll be less tempted to sip that cookie butter iced blended drink when you have a bottle of water in hand.  Need something hot?  Order herbal tea and be mindful of the sugar. Keep your feet warm and fashionable in the Star Fringe Cowboy Boot by Boston Proper.

2. Strap on same ankle and/or wrist weights.  If you’re feeling uber-athletic and know you’ll be dashing from store to store, invest in some weights.  You’ll look festive wearing them with the Chuck Taylor All Star Plaid by Converse.

3. Check to see if you’ve earned that holiday treat by checking on your calorie burn.  There are so many wearables on the market these days and we have codes to connect you to the best prices. Missing Zumba in order to trek to the mall?  Wear the Tomi Sneakers by UGG and be sure to take extra steps and track your progress with a FitBit or an Apple Watch.

Retail traffic fell 11.4 percent year-over-year in November 2014 and another 7.1 percent in December, according to RetailNext analytics firm.  Still, many malls are hanging in there.  Even if you are doing most of your shopping online this season (and you should, using our promo codes), you still may need to make that pilgrimage to the mall, so break a sweat.  You won’t break a sweat about shopping online with us for shoes though.  So stock up on great shoes online and then get your workout in the mall this season.





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