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World Oceans Day

by Anne Middleton, on June 8th, 2015

June 8th is World Oceans Day.  Our oceans are our greatest unexplored frontier and teeming with lifeforms that we haven’t even gotten a glimpse of.  This year’s theme is “Healthy Oceans.  Healthy Planet,” recognizing that a healthy ocean biome makes for a healthier planet.  You don’t needs fins or flippers to get behind that. 

Teach the kids all about ocean life using your new tablet from Verizon.  For our teensiest would-be oceanographers, Peek-a-Zoo Underwater for Toddlers in the Apple app store helps you to teach your kid about the wonders of the ocean.  You won’t be underwater when you use our codes with Verizon to save on tablets and mobile service.  Get $50 off and free shipping on select phones and devices.

Older children will love Kids Ocean Encyclopedia with vibrant photos of an array of ocean life like the red lionfish or the clown fish.  Does your kid love role play?  Orca Simulator, also in the Apple app store, helps your child dive into the Arctic Ocean and live life as an orca.  You too can dive into the savings with our codes with T-Mobile with free shipping on order of $25 more!

There’s a whole sea of learning available through innovative apps.  Whether you want to read about sea urchins or live a day in the life of a dolphin or orca.  Celebrate World Oceans Day with us using our codes to save on great phones and devices from Verizon and T-Mobile.