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The World Is Your Oyster

by Anne Middleton, on October 19th, 2015

The world is your oyster…or so the saying goes. Direct translation, “YOU have control over the options in your life.”  Some philosophers believe this cliché represents an analogy to viewing your future as “a plate of oysters needing only to be pried open to be enjoyed with a pearl as a prize.”

A bit corny, but factual for those unique individuals who crave the opportunity to step out of their “comfort zone” and enter the unknown.

And if you are interested in adding exotic stamps in your passport from mysterious countries, you may actually be able to elevate your appeal as a candidate for employment.

You see, occupations overseas are no longer just for the adventurous, they are fresh, viable options that can ultimately boost your appeal to employers. 

The advantages of flying off to a foreign country to explore work options include:
• Elevating your resume with distinctive positions that establish that you are fearless, adaptable and amenable
• Willingness to be immersed in transcontinental environments and emerge triumphant
• Exposing yourself to unknown traditions of other culture which produces more creativity
• A first-hand opportunity to observe workplace diversity in cities some people cannot even spell like Czechoslovakia or Antwerp
• Aptitude to engage in an eye-opening life with unfamiliar, newfound cultural awareness
• Gain experience of unorthodox working styles for a competitive edge
• A stellar enhancing your opportunity to move up in the company
• Exhibit a flexible perspective on work and life
• The rare quality to take on a challenge and venture into the unexplored
• Encounter personal growth opportunities, such as meeting new people and commitment to submersing yourself into a world surrounded by a new language
• Increase compassionate about employee differences
• Internal self-exploration of worthy causes that benefit the planet
• The building of confidence, self-reliance and independence

And if all these reasons continue to find you hesitant in packing your suitcase, you can toss your worries aside.  Flexibility is easily part of international employment.  Your options are limitless…You can take a crack at working overseas for a short time or relocate long-term or permanently.

Yes, my friend, the choices are endless in this world.  So if you're someone who enjoys a new quest and craves the idea of a challenge, then an international job might be something to consider. You'll get to experience a new country and culture while getting paid in the process!

Are you wondering how to get started on this journey?  It’s simple. has a plethora of employment prospects in over 18 nations.  This global job site even allows you to upload your resume for a specific country so employers come to you with the latest jobs. has the tools and experience to place you in the kingdom of your dreams.  The world of employment can truly be your oyster thanks to