zen garden

You Need Tranquility in Your Life

by Anne Middleton, on January 7th, 2015

It’s time for a little tranquility in your life.  If the hustle and bustle has you frazzled and that deadline has your heart thrumming and you feel like your cubicle should be a padded room, you need a little space, or at least headspace.  A Zen rock garden is a superb way to help you uncoil after a tense moment.  But you don’t have to settle for those little boxy ones that dot the aisles of new-agey stores.  You can build your own.

Usually, your go-to items for this project would be a cookie pan and some sand.  However, one thing any dispirited person needs is to get out their confines.  Jettison that cookie tray and opt for a tire.  Nice metaphor here to round things out.  Put an old pizza pan in the bottom and pour in your sand.  Don’t fret if you don’t have a tire stowed in the garage.  Advance Auto Parts is here to help. 

Feeling highfalutin’?  Sand comes in a myriad of colors, not just the tropical tan we all know.  Choose a hue that reflects you.  Chartreuse?  Plum?  Muted salmon? Inky black?  It’s your little therapy garden, after all.  Don’t settle for something that’s forgettable and mass-produced.  Fill your tire garden to the top.  A visit to the 4 Wheel Drive website will get those neurons firing in a whimsical direction.

Traditional Zen rock gardens boast little rocks and sometimes a figurine or two, like a diminutive seagull or a wizened man frozen in his ponderings.  Channel your inner modern artist (no voyage to a soporific museum necessary).  Your rock garden trimmings are just a click away when you visit 4WheelParts.com.

Add some height with piston rings.  A few flat washers will add shine.  Jazz it up with a few nuts (no, we’re not referring to your co-workers).  Gasket wheel spacers are compelling too.  A pipe adapter, which comes in electric blues and other colors, is another intriguing nugget to consider. Auto Parts Warehouse’s photos of their offerings can help you plan your masterpiece.  Feeling cheeky?  Grab that head-bobbing hula girl that’s usually relegated to the dash board. Alll you’ll need is a small rake (or brandish a spork.)

Now, go get to work on that Zen garden before your supervisor screeches at you again.