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When You Should Take Your Pet To The Vet

Here are a few dog symptoms and cat symptoms you need to pay attention to.

by Anne Middleton, on February 2nd, 2016

Is Fluffy looking puny?  Is Rover not so rambunctious?  Many of the very health concerns that concern us humans also plague our fur babies, like diabetes, cancer and obesity.  Additionally, since cats, dogs, lizards and bird’s anatomies don’t mirror our own, sometimes it’s difficult to detect a problem early.  That’s why investing in preventative veterinary care for pets, like we do for ourselves, is important to maintaining pet health.  Far better to maintain the care regimen of a healthy pet, than lapse in care and then have tremendous bills for a sick one. 

Here are a few dog symptoms and cat symptoms you need to pay attention to.

1.  Has your pet’s eating habits changed abruptly?  Some pets will skip meals occasionally to beat the heat, but if your pet hasn’t eaten in two days or starts rummaging for something that’s not their usual fare, schedule an appointment. 

2. Monitor your pet for excessive thirst, which could mean your pet is diabetic or has a kidney issue.

3. Just like you’d monitor your child for pink eye, pets can have eye issues too.  Take your pet to the vet if eyes are pink or cloudy or have a change of coloration.

4. Scoot on over to the vet if your pet is scooting its posterior along the floor.  That could mean your pet has worms, anal gland issues or has a blockage.

5. Your pet’s ancestors were wild animals.  Pets try to hide when they are ill instinctually so as not to be prey to other animals.  Monitor your pet closely for changes in habits and behavior.

6. Some fur loss is natural due to ordinary shedding, but if you find your pet is losing more of its coat than usual, this could be sign of a fungal infection or even a thyroid condition.

7. Check your pet’s mouth.  Bleeding gums, loose teeth and bad breath are all telltale signs your pet is having oral health issues.  If left unchecked, toxins can enter your pet’s bloodstream and can cause fatal organ damage.  Besides, these conditions can be painful as well.

8. Have your pet’s bathroom habits changed?  A cat who is suddenly resistant to using its box may have a urinary tract infection.  

Regular dog check-ups have dropped 20% since 2001, while cat check-ups have slid 30%, and meanwhile pet ER visits have gone up. There are many explanations for this: general lack of knowledge about the value of preventative care, a sluggish economy and also the mounting expense of veterinary care. Since 1997, veterinarians have been raising prices at more than twice the rate of overall inflation. Investing in preventative care for your beloved pets does give you the opportunity to get a second opinion, which can save you money.  Comparison shop for pet medication as well.  We offer a 1-800-PetMeds coupon code.  Also check out Just4MyPet coupons.

Pets are a pleasure and they are also a responsibility.  While the costs of owning and caring for an animal companion continue to rise, we have discount codes that can help alleviate your family’s veterinary and general pet care costs.  Check out our codes today and get that annual exam for your pets scheduled.  We’ll help you keep your pets happy and healthy when you use our codes.





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