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Your Car is Ruining Your Love Life

by Anne Middleton, on February 25th, 2015

The dating scene can be excruciating, but you can’t relinquish the quest when you know the perfect girl is out there waiting for you. Lately you’ve been fortunate to meet some lovely ladies. Perhaps your colleague set you up with someone or your profile piqued her interest. Or, maybe she swiped right on Tinder. However you met, everything seemed to be going superbly. Or, at least it did. After what appeared to be a marvelous first date, she isn’t returning your calls.


What went wrong? Maybe your conversational skills are lacking, or maybe she’s an introvert and feeling a bit sheepish. Perhaps that magic spark just fizzled. Or, maybe your car is torpedoing your love life.


You might be a road warrior with a prolonged commute to your far-removed office, but that’s no excuse for a filthy vehicle. If she has to shove aside fast-food wrappers, gas station receipts and your foul gym clothes to buckle her seatbelt, the date-night fun is instantly depleted. And if her couture dress becomes soiled from the dirt and grime on your doors, you might as well start updating your online dating profile on the way home. Before heading over to pick her up, make a stop at Auto Parts Warehouse for a detailing kit and a bottle of car shampoo. Then use an Advance Auto Parts coupon to corral all the clutter with a console organizer or a storage container.  An immaculate automobile is sure to increase the chances of a lively evening.


Gazing up at the starry sky might be the ultimate in romance, but not if you are stranded on the side of the road. There’s no worse romance-killer than a flat tire, except not having the right tools to change it. Ensure that your tires are in top-notch condition and that you have a spare and jack stowed, just in case a debacle occurs. 4 Wheel Drive will have everything you need to keep your date night moving. 


Even two people who are predestined to be together will experience a scattering of awkward silences on their first few excursions together. Before you know each other well enough to keep the conversation flowing full tilt, it can be onerous to find topics to discuss for hours on end. Flip on the radio to fill the silence. You can talk about your favorite artists laugh about ridiculous lyrics and reminisce about concerts you attended. Before long you will both the singing and bopping along to the new Taylor Swift single. Don’t let static on the airways, or a faulty radio, doom you to awkward lulls. Fill in the silence with a new audio system from 4 Wheel Parts.


Lastly, how you prepare your car for the elements says a lot about your approach to life. This is particularly the case in colder climes, where your car must be winter ready. For more info, check out our post on how to winterize your car.