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Your Own Happiest Place on Earth

by Anne Middleton, on August 14th, 2015

Disneyland has long been considered the “happiest place on earth” and those of us who have been lucky enough to attend this mecca of childhood dreams understand this truth.  Filled with high calorie fare, cartoon characters that come to life, even if they cannot speak, and the thrill of rollercoasters, Disneyland is the epitome of joy.

But there is more to this park of amusement than meets the eye.  Disneyland is an exceptionally well-run business that any organization could glean valuable information from.

As you enter the workforce or consider changing your employment position, it is entirely possible for you to create your own “happiest place (to work) on earth.”

Here are just a few tips from on how you can create a career that mirrors nirvana.

1.  Define Your Dream Job
When was the last time you contemplated your true passions and interests to uncover what brings purpose and satisfaction to your life? Examine whether your current career path matches your core interests, beliefs, values, needs and skills.

2. Focus on the Positive
Identify the things that conjure up feelings of bliss at your job. If you emphasize the positives, you will make your job more enjoyable. Fretting about the negatives that you encounter in the workplace may cause you to become overwhelmed.

3. Be Realistic
No one's life is flawless…not at home and not at work. Even Walt Disney encountered some tough and challenging obstacles. Just be sure the good days outweigh the bad.

4. Balance Your Life
Relishing your work should not be the only prong in your wheel of existence. Expand your horizons. Explore opportunities, activities and adventures outside your cubicle to build a life that you can love.

It may take deep introspection and discovery to unveil your dream job.  There is nothing wrong with taking some time to reflect on options available to you.

Disneyland is a powerful business that has been perfecting its art for 60 years. Mickey Mouse had to take a few hard knocks to stumble onto the success he and his Disney family enjoy today. Look to the reasons behind this huge success story and you, too, can build a magical business for your work life.

If you are patient and creative, you can keep your career transition moving forward. can assist you in revealing your path to happiness in the working world.