Your Summer Reading List

Click for a list of books that should be on your summer reading list!

by Anne Middleton, on May 27th, 2016

Going to the beach this summer and looking for something good to read? Or perhaps you have committed yourself to assuring your family continues the healthy habit of nightly reading together even without assignments from summer school. Whatever your reason for making reading a priority this summer, consider taking along one of these enticing books being released this year.

Whether your definition of summer reading is a book on romance, mystery or a gripping true-life-tale, you’ll find a “shore” thing available to occupy your mind while enjoying the warm outdoor weather.

Consider these summer reading suggestions:

Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

The creator of Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder and Grey's Anatomy chronicles how saying YES for one year changed her life and how it can change yours, too.

So Close by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

Buy the author of the popular Nanny Diaries, this summer read focuses on Amanda Beth Luker who has spent her whole life in her trailer park Florida hometown. She believes her way out is Tom Davis, a successful lawyer with politics on his mind. Amanda ends up in Washington when he becomes a senator. But when Amanda learns of some serious moral indiscretions from Davis, her loyalty is tested.

Rich and Pretty by Rumaan Alam

After reading this wise novel, you may be surprised to find out it was written by a male author.  This book follows two close long-term gal pals in New York City whose lives begin to take diverging tracks.

Break in Case of Emergency by Jessica Winter

Choose this book and you’ll be reading the debut novel of Jessica Winter. The story takes place in a feminist start-up business where intentions are good, but actual execution needs help. In this cutting commentary on workplace toxicity and how this environment can strangle relationships, there is still humor regarding the state of modern work, family and friendship.

An Innocent Fashion by R.J. Hernández

Lose yourself in the world of a fictional fashion magazine with the story of an idealistic dreamer who wants to shed his working-class Texas background and climb the ladder at cutthroat magazine.  But the main character quickly finds the realities of the media to be a lot less cushy than he imagined. It is a coming-of-age story mixed with a fashion industry tale that's fast-paced and full of drama.

Spark Joy by Marie Kondo

Are you looking for inspiration and a practical book to read? Spark Joy is the ultimate road map to organizing your home, office and your life from Japanese decluttering guru Marie Kondo. Presented in this book is an illustrated guide to the acclaimed KonMari Method, with step-by-step folding illustrations for absolutely everything. Reading this book might just create the organized home you’ve been searching for!

It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell

Summer is bathing suit weather and a season where we are all more body conscious. This inspirational book of a food blogger who struggled with body image issues and food addiction is fascinating. It recounts an emotional journey of losing weight when the situation felt too far gone…and finding self-love during the process.

The Younger Set

Even if kids don’t go to summer school, every parent realizes reading should continue to be a priority. Studies show that when kids don’t read over the summer, they lose core reading skills and fall behind when they go back to school. Learning or reading skills gained during the summer months unquestionably help students prepare to tackle the upcoming school year.

To help parents who have kids that are unable to attend summer school, has introduced this summer’s reading theme as “Be a Reading Superhero.” It’s a perfect tie-in to all the blockbuster comic book hero movies. The reading theme is all about believing in kids and encouraging them to be the best independent readers they can be. The Scholastic Company was founded in 1920 and continues their mission today of “encouraging the intellectual and personal growth of all children, beginning with literacy."

This summer, everyone in the family should work to motivate kids to read more books, log more reading minutes, earn rewards, and become a reading superhero.  Be a role model and set aside a time for the entire family to read. During summer, parents replace the structure of summer school reading programs by keeping their kids engaged in literacy.

Knowledge is Power

It's no secret that reading books enhances life for the better, regardless of your age. Reading gives your brain a different kind of workout than watching TV or logging onto a computer or posting on social media.

Make reading a daily habit, especially during the summer when school is out. As Dr. Seuss once wrote, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you'll go.”