Are There Benefits To Changing Wireless Carriers?

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by Anne Middleton, on April 20th, 2016

Every day, we are bombarded with advertisements telling us to change our wireless carrier.  Better deals, better service, better phones are proposed from every company.  But all any of us really craves is dependability, rapid network speed, coverage and phone choices. Focus on Sprint and Boost Mobile for your wireless needs and you won’t be disappointed.

Smartphones Today

Today nearly two-thirds of Americans (64%) own a smartphone.  Users are turning to these mobile devices and using their service as they navigate a wide range of life events:

• 68% of smartphone owners use their phone to follow along with breaking news events.

• 62% of smartphone owners looked up information about a health condition.

• 57% have used their phone to do online banking.

• 44% have used their phone to look up information about a place to live.

• 43% to look up information about a job.

It becomes obvious that being connected and having consistent and trustworthy access to the internet is essential to our daily lives and routines.

Sprint Wireless

If you haven’t heard of Sprint Wireless communication, then you likely live in isolation. Sprint is a dominant leader in the telecommunications category. The Sprint Network delivers stunning download speed. Whether it’s an HD movie, new music, work presentations or video games, you’ll download it faster on Sprint’s LTE Plus Network.

Changing wireless carriers can provide you with improved cell service, superior speed, even a wider variety of cell phones to choose from. And, with Sprint promo codes available at, you can start saving and gaining the multiple benefits that Sprint offers. Some of the Sprint offers are:

• The ability to save 50% on most Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile rate plans when you bring your number to Sprint

• Prepaid customers can also save big at Sprint

• Sprint offers paying your switching fees up to $650 per line

• If you are not satisfied with Sprint’s superior network, you can return your phone within 30 days

Choosing a Smartphone

There are an endless variety of mobile phones on the market today. The professionals at Sprint and Boost Mobile can help you navigate the overwhelming confusion of selecting a mobile phone. They will guide you through a phone comparison to find the perfect Smartphone (and plan) without any stress.

Whether you are doing a phone comparison on certified pre-owned cell phones or are considering the newest iPhone, the specialists at Sprint and Boost Mobile have the expertise to find the exact Smartphone to meet your lifestyle.

Prepaid Phone Options

With the high cost of technological devices and additional charges for wireless service, many people are considering prepaid phones, and Boost Mobile iPhone is one of the premier opportunities for prepaid phones.

With a prepaid phone, you pay for nearly everything up front and get exactly what you pay for. With prepaid from Boost Mobile, you can easily control your budget since payments are made in advance, so you know exactly how much you’ll spend from the start and how much you’ll pay each month.

All you have to do is:

• Find the phone you want and buy it

• Pick a plan

• Make a payment

• Add money to your account regularly to maintain service.

There are no annual contracts, no credit checks, no monthly bills, no overage fees and no roaming charges. Prepaid plans give you flexibility. If you don’t like your service, you’re not locked in to a long-term commitment.

Boost Mobile

If you want a Smartphone with all the latest bells and whistles, you can find a model that fits your needs and budget at Boost Mobile. Boost Mobile, a leader in the prepaid phone category, allows you to pick from top-tier manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung. When you visit Boost Mobile’s website, you will see they have over 35 Smartphones for you to choose from including the Boost Mobile iPhone offer. 

But you won’t be overwhelmed.  Boost Mobile allows you to filter your search by brands, features, plans and more.

Boost Mobile is a brand of wireless service that specializes in cell phone plans without a contract. Yes! You can purchase the latest model of an iPhone through Boost Mobile’s plan and never be committed to an endless agreement for service.

Consumers love Boost Mobile as a great alternative to standard contracts. Plus, Boost Mobile uses Sprint service so you can be assured the network is reliable and secure.

To sum it up, Boost Mobile delivers everything you need in a wireless phone service:

• Unlimited plans with growing data

• Unlimited streaming music without extra data charges

• A 14-day grace period in case you miss a monthly payment

• A wide selection of the latest phones from top manufacturers at prices you can afford. Boost Mobile even offers the most current iPhone
• no annual contracts

Take time to do a phone comparison, service coverage and wireless network carrier. It will become clear that choosing the Sprint network and a Boost Mobile iPhone or similar smartphone will provide the best value and allow you to stay connected to the things that matter most to you.