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June 12th, 2015
advance auto cuba classic cars

Cuban Car Care

Cuba…with two presidential candidates of Cuban heritage and the president rethinking our relationship with Cuba, this island country has been in the news more often lately.  Since the embargo, many of our ideas about Cuba have been shaped by the Elian Gonzales saga and for better or worse, re-runs of I Love Lucy and Desi Arnaz.  Cuba is also known for their national fleet of classic US cars.  Cubans are masters of car upkeep, probably in large part due to the embargo of 1961.  Regardless of how you feel about the current debate about going forward with Cuba, you have to admire the Cuban dedication to preserving classic cars.

by Anne Middleton

June 11th, 2015
boston proper medieval boots

Shoes For Cosplayer Conventions

Cosplayers, the shoes make the outfit.  Never doubt the power of the shoe, because it may be your secret weapon.  Even the ancient Greeks knew the power of a spectacular shoe, because they specifically deemed that their messenger god Hermes had winged sandals.  As you prep for your summer tour of convention hopping, be sure to invest in shoes.  Boston Proper’s Colorful Mystique Flat is sure to be a darling among our lady cosplayers out there.

by Anne Middleton

June 10th, 2015
advance auto jeep couple

Nothing Like A Jeep

Nothing may be more patriotic than driving a Jeep.  The original Jeep went into production in 1941 specifically for the military, arguably making them the oldest SUVs.   The Jeep became the primary light 4-wheel-drive vehicle of the United States Army and the Allies during WWII.  But what about the funny name?  A dictionary of military slang, published in 1942, in the library at The Pentagon gives this definition: Jeep: A four-wheel drive vehicle of one-half- to one-and-one-half-ton capacity for reconnaissance or other army duty.

by Anne Middleton

June 8th, 2015
young doctor

Catch 22

Finding work can be a real challenge, especially if you don't have any experience. Nonetheless, to get experience you must first find a job. It's a nasty catch 22.  But a summer internship can break the cycle! Yes, the season of sun, surf and humidity is rapidly approaching.  And for young enterprising and potential future entrepreneurs, the time has arrived to consider a summer internship. is a powerful proponent of engaging in internships for a multitude of reasons. Significant motivating and compelling factors for securing an internship include: 1.

by Anne Middleton

June 5th, 2015
boston proper red shoes skirt

Sociology Of Short Skirts

If women in the U.S. wore shorter skirts, the economy would improve. That’s not a misogynist’s dream, it’s sociology research.  Sociologists have found that the worse the economy, the longer the women’s skirts are, and the better the economy, the shorter the skirt.  Ladies, rock those short skirts and watch the economy improve.  We’ve got great shoes to pair with short skirts.  We don’t think of Nikes for anything but athletic shoes, but they have an impressive stock of sandals and flip flops.  The Nike Lunarsandiator Sky Hi is a sandal fit for a lady gladiator.

by Anne Middleton

June 4th, 2015
monster girl running

Run, Jane, Run

Searching for a career in the fitness and health segment?  It might be time to pack your bags and rush to our nation’s capital. The most recent ACSM American Fitness Index Data Report delivered an interesting and scientific snapshot of the state of health and fitness in municipalities in the United States. The ACSM is better known as the American College of Sports and each year this prestigious organization ranks urban locations that offer their populations facilities and opportunities that support healthy living. The top 5 metropolitan locations are listed below.

by Anne Middleton

June 3rd, 2015
boston proper bib necklace

Bib Necklaces For Your Everyday Outfits

Whether you are drawn to glittering crystals, gleaming metals or bright beads, bib necklaces are one of the hottest trends of the summer. In fact, these oversized neck pieces have been around for several seasons and aren’t going out of style any time soon, so now is the time to splurge on a few. Bib necklaces sit high on the neck and cover ample space between the collarbone and the chest. Although these sweeping necklaces are eye-catching and alluring, many women struggle with incorporating them into their wardrobes. Don’t ostracize these beauties to the jewelry box or limit them to punching up boring neutral outfits.

by Anne Middleton

June 2nd, 2015
verizon man phone

Who Is Really #1?

These days, we wonder how we ever existed without mobile phones.  It is vital artery of communication that is used to connect to family and friends. And selecting Verizon as your prime plan for interacting with others assures ultimate satisfaction.  Verizon provides America's largest and most reliable 4G LTE network. But sometimes, these magical transmission gadgets are frowned upon.  Occasionally, when we are standing in line to purchase a cup of coffee, we wonder why we are all so obsessed with these seemingly magical technological devices that fit in the palm of our hand.

by Anne Middleton

May 29th, 2015

Ultimate Fortresses

The environment we operate in today is within a world where security is a major concern. We are surrounded by invisible thieves willing to try just about anything to find a weakness in our electronic security. Whether you are 6 months or 106 years old, your identity is at risk.  Even if you’re dead, your personal information can still be stolen. So it got is to thinking about security in our country today.  Ever wonder what locations are considered to be the utmost protected safe havens? Chances are you are cognizant of Fort Knox, perceived to be the premiere site for ultimate safe-keeping.

by Anne Middleton

May 29th, 2015
boston proper bare feet

Say Goodbye To Stinky Feet

They may look relatively small, but our feet contain a whopping 250,000 sweat glands. Through your morning run, standing all day at work, chasing your progeny around the park and staying vertical long enough to make dinner and scrub the dishes, your feet can produce over half of pint of sweat. All that moisture turns into a petri dish for bacteria to grow. But, worst of all, your tootsies and your shoes can end up smelling icky. To prevent odorous footwear and keep your planter surfaces fresh, try these remedies. Give your feet some air:  Feet go into sweat production overdrive when they are shoved into snug, closed-in shoes.

by Anne Middleton