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February 19th, 2015
boston proper fish bowls

Happy Birthday, Pisces!

Happy Birthday, Pisces!  Pisces rules the feet, so you’re sure to have lot of shoes—or even a shoe fetish.  For our Piscean shoe fetishists, the poets and dreamers of the zodiac, we’ve come up with a little shopping guide to get some dreamy shoes at a dreamy price.  Violet and soft sea-foam greens are the go-to colors for Pisces, belying the soothing, go-with-the-flow personality  of this mutable water sign.  For baby Pisces, comfort is important as Piscean babies will feel discomfort but not indicate they are uncomfortable.

by Anne Middleton

February 12th, 2015
mcafee celebrity

Fame or Fortune?

Over the passage of time, my friends and I frequently inquired to one another, “if you had to choose, would you desire to be famous OR would you rather delight in excess wealth?”  In other words, we pondered the age-old question, “fame or fortune?”” As we have progressed from our teenage years into our twenties, then to our thirties and up, our sentiments on this query have vacillated.   In our pimple-filled adolescent years, we craved fame.  My chums and I imagined how cool it would be to be trailed around town by blinding flashbulbs as we were monitored by the paparazzi.

by Anne Middleton

January 28th, 2015
mcaffe female chef

Food for Thought

Lauren, a recent college graduate, has an insane passion for all things culinary.  She is the poster girl and definition of a true "foodie." Lauren exhibits an insatiable fascination with the trendiest food fads. As a foodie, she pens her own blog and throws remarkable (and mouthwatering) dinner bashes.  She revels in discovering new-fangled and unique foods, while analyzing the minutiae of the wide range of taste, flavor, texture and nutrition her edible creations provide. Every individual recipe and ingredient Lauren has encountered has been detailed and fully organized in neat and tidy files in her state-of-the-art computer.

by Anne Middleton

January 27th, 2015
model diamond

Calling All Fashionistas

Mall shopping got you snoozing?  Thrift store not enticing?  Sometimes it’s hard being a fashionista.  If the brand name designers are disappointing and you’ve got the urge to try to create some of your own pieces, look no further than the auto parts store.  Yes, the auto parts store. Year to year, season to season it seems like the glitterati try to revamp a decade like the 60s or the 80s.  Like resurrecting a zombie, it’s not the same and never will be same.  It’s time to look ahead, into the space age like landing on comets and Mars (and not revamp the 60s moon landing either).

by Anne Middleton

January 9th, 2015
girl cleaning

Car Wax: The Answer to Your Household Woes

Car wax is not just for your juvenile’s fundraiser car wash.  Many of us barely keep our cars spiffy and clean much less give our cars the waxing they need.  Yet, even if you don’t wax your car enough, don’t let that wax go to waste.  Wax could be your secret weapon to solve a multiple of household conundrums.  Fingerprints—they’re everywhere, and they look nightmarish on stainless steel appliances.  Apply a thin coat and buff it out.   Your appliances will gleam instead of looking like part of a CSI investigation.  Likewise, don’t let faucets become forgettable.  Get that hotel glow with a little waxing now and then.

by Anne Middleton

December 29th, 2014
girl broken car

Emergency Preparation is Key

Let’s face it.  Life is not always a fairytale.  Being in the damsel in distress may get you bussed by a fairytale prince, but it’s not awesome when reality bites you in the derriere.  Your car is not a pumpkin carriage or a magic carpet or a chariot drawn by swans.  Last time I checked, I had no fairy godmother floating around whispering “Abracadabra” in my ear and smoothing my difficulties away. So it’s time to be an adult and assess how emergency-ready your vehicle is.

by Anne Middleton

December 11th, 2014
dad kids car

Daddy Daycare

Your wife just notified you that tomorrow she is going to spend a few hours away from the house with her girlfriends.  You will be caring for your toddler.  Alone. With no help. And it will be raining, so no outdoor play.  You begin to panic. Then you realize you have the perfect tools to tackle this babysitting project…unconventional finger painting! 1. Preparation
You are determined to keep the home spotless to impress your partner. She will be amazed that you can handle this assignment without creating an unbearable disarray of clutter.  You dash into your garage and retrieve your rugged ridge floor liners from 4 Wheel Drive.

by Anne Middleton

December 4th, 2014
auto curly

Hair Raising Beauty

The politically correct opinion to express is “inner beauty matters more than how you look on the outside.”  But the truth is most of us like our outer beauty to shine as well.  And for many of us, that means a gorgeous hair style.   What if you’re caught in a situation where you have very limited tools and resources to manage your tresses?   Perhaps you accompanied your significant other to a NASCAR or Indy Motor Racing event.  You’re on this road trip because your other half is a true car fanatic and possesses all the latest auto gadgets.  You’ve never seen him or her so giddy about traveling together in a car.

by Anne Middleton

December 3rd, 2014
auto buff

Auto Parts for a Buff Body

If you are like me, and you’ve used the remote to constantly flip through the television channels, you have probably landed on an entertainment weight loss show. These television spectacles demonstrate that working out on a consistent basis can result in a loss of “lbs” and help increase brute strength.   The trainers on these shows present a variety of bodybuilding moves to benefit their clients and help them flourish in meeting and exceeding their fitness goals. One of the fiercest exercises is the “tire flip.”  This ruthless workout requires the contestants to flip over a tire again and again.

by Anne Middleton

November 24th, 2014
auto parts front interior

Outlandish, Out of the Box (or Car) Uses for Seat Covers

I recently became the designated driver for a “girl’s night out.” I didn’t mind being the sober driver at all, but what did bother me was when these damsels became inebriated and thought it would be amusing to apply lipstick to my new seat covers. Arrggghhh!   Later, of course, these ladies felt bad, but not bad enough to pay for replacement seat covers.   Luckily, my car was equipped with corduroy covers that were able to be washed.  So I took these vehicle chair protectors into my home and was relieved to see they exited the washing machine in pristine condition.  All the evidence of a wild night had vanished.

by Anne Middleton