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November 4th, 2016
fitness enthusiast

Gift Ideas for the Fitness Enthusiast in Your Life

Buying a gift for the fitness enthusiast in your life can be pretty difficult. It’s tough to know what they want, what they need, and what they already have. Do they need a new gym bag? Do they even use a gym bag? Questions like these can come up over and over when you’re trying to shop for that perfect gift. On top of that, there are always new trends in apparel and developments in exercise technology that can either be just the thing they need to take their fitness to the next level or an irrelevant, lame, and potentially expensive fad.

by Joe Graceffa

November 1st, 2016
black friday image smaller

Biggest Black Friday Phenomenons...Ever!

Black Friday. Some shoppers live for the sales and discounts, while others hate everything the unofficial shopping holiday stands for. Regardless of your personal opinion, you’ve probably still taken advantage of some pretty great Black Friday sales throughout the years. Whether it was that unnecessary toaster you bought for $1.50 in 2015, or the PS3 you waited fifteen hours in line for in 2006, Black Friday routinely delivers the best deals of the year. From viral videos of Black Friday violence to lines that wrap around the block, the concept of Black Friday can be summarized in one word: a phenomenon.

by Joe Graceffa

September 22nd, 2016
running shoes on pavement 2

How to Choose Your next Running Shoe

Most running shoes feel comfortable when you're standing in a shoe store, but the true test comes several miles into your run. The ideal shoe has to do with your running style, the surface where you run, the distance and the shape of your foot. As Nike, the gold-standard in athletic footwear states on their website, “…our footwear is specifically designed to
match yours—whether that's running longer, stronger, or faster.”   There are an almost endless number of running shoes available on the market today.

by Anne Middleton

September 20th, 2016
5 essential winter and fall home items

5 Essential Items to Prepare Your Home for Fall and Winter

Most people enjoy the changing of the seasons. It is beautiful to see the leaves turn to vibrant hues of oranges and browns as the anticipation and excitement of the holidays grow closer.  Unfortunately, along with the colder weather comes some nasty weather elements including the wind, rain and snow. Now is the time to assure your home is ready for the fall and winter seasons.   Homeowners everywhere realize that regular maintenance is indispensable to keep their dwelling comfortable and to avoid unnecessary home repairs.  In fact, Americans spend over $284 billion dollars on home improvements and repairs annually.

by Anne Middleton

September 16th, 2016
it s new technology season

It’s New Technology Season!

Technology development is ever changing. It is an intensely dynamic field with new inventions being launched all the time. What’s new today will likely be old before we know it.  If you are passionate about the most recent technology launches and you want to learn or try or buy the latest electronic devices, your first stop should be Verizon.  They not only have the latest gadgets, Verizon deals simply cannot be beat. 
New on the Scene
Breaking onto the scene this past week were some exciting and fresh communication models from Apple.

by Anne Middleton

September 13th, 2016
save knowing retail holiday planning secrets

Save Money by Knowing Retail Holiday Planning Secrets

It may be difficult to believe, but big box merchants such as Best Buy and Sears are finalizing their plans for the winter holiday shopping season at the same time kids are going back-to-school. For example, starting this month, in early September, retail giant Target will bring in about 70,000 team members nationwide to train and help their clientele navigate their shopping lists throughout the busy holiday selling period.    According to the National Retail Federation, holiday revenue can account for 20-40% of a retailer’s annual sales.

by Anne Middleton

September 8th, 2016
time to prepare for halloween

Time to Prepare for Halloween!

Two months prior to the ghoulish Halloween holiday and it seems every store has costumes and party décor already available for sale. Every year it seems seasonal decorations appear earlier and earlier. Didn’t we just finish buying school supplies?   Americans are huge fans of this eerie day of dress-up. Data reveals that 64% of us participate in Halloween parties and celebrations and spend over $7.9 billion on costumes, Halloween decorations, candy and fun. If you’re celebrating this spooky holiday, be sure to shop early and use these ghostly tips to find the perfect Halloween paraphernalia.

by Anne Middleton

September 7th, 2016

Prevent Costly Roadside Emergencies with Proper Car Care

For the most part, every driver understands the need for regular car maintenance to avoid emergencies on the road. The best way to prepare for a roadside emergency is to prevent it from happening altogether.  But the fact is that anything from a flat tire to stalled car can happen when you're behind the wheel. The secret is to be ready at all times. There are a few simple things everyone should do to prepare their vehicle to assure it is ready for the road.   • Tires: Even if you know how to change a tire, it can still be a frustrating experience if you get a flat on the road in bad weather.

by Anne Middleton

September 5th, 2016
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Labor Day Deals at Joe's New Balance Outlet

Labor Day is many things. 1) The day we rest from our labor to reflect on and give thanks for our strong capitalist economy. 2) The day we pause to ponder the sacrifice made by those dedicated workers who have gone before to ensure the prosperity of our nation. And 3) The day we barbecue in the back yard, enjoy the pool one last time and look for online steals while sipping a sweet end-of-summer thirst quencher. No irreverence intended, but that third option looks pretty enticing to me. So while I’m stretched out poolside, drink in hand, I will steadfastly pursue a steal of deal on my laptop in a figurative “cheers” to free enterprise.

by Abbey O'Bryan

August 31st, 2016
home improvement projects for fall

Home Improvement Projects for Fall

Fall is the optimum time to prepare your home for the wind, rain and snow of winter. It is time to consider taking on preventative maintenance for your home while the climate is still nice. The largest investment most of us will make is our residence. It is necessary to stay on top of any necessary fixes before winter.    Data shows that Americans spend over 284 billion dollars on home improvements and repairs. No wonder the popular home improvement stores generate in excess of 144 billion dollars.

Regardless if you live in sunny California or snowy Delaware, the elements of winter weather can be hard on your home.

by Anne Middleton