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June 13th, 2017
unique fathers day gift ideas running shoes

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas for 2017

Your Dad holds a special place in your heart. That’s because he’s always been there for you.   When you were little, he gave you piggyback rides, and as you grew up he taught you how to ride a bike and then drive a car. He is extraordinary so it’s no wonder you’re struggling to find something just right to celebrate him on Father’s Day.   Whatever your Dad enjoys, there is a unique present just waiting for you to buy that will be an ideal match and make this Father’s Day memorable.   Tech Dad
It’s likely that your Dad purchased your first Smartphone for you.

by Joe Graceffa

June 12th, 2017
omaha steaks blog image

Omaha Steaks for Dad

Skip the new tie. Forget about the “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug. And please don’t give him another flashlight. Give him something that will make his stomach smile. Because we all know that’s the way to a man’s heart!   You’d be hard pressed to find a dad who wouldn’t salivate at the smell of a thick T-bone steak sizzling on the grill at 6 o’clock on Father’s Day. Ask almost any papa bear, and they’ll tell you the only thing better would be to have their entire family in the backyard ready to enjoy the choice cuts with him. Dadding ain’t easy, and most of the time it’s a pretty thankless job.

by Abbey O'Bryan

June 12th, 2017
jnbo blog image

Father's Day at Joe's New Balance Outlet

It’s no secret. Most dads aren’t great about buying themselves clothes. They’re perfectly happy wearing that see-through gym shirt from 1968 with the oil stains on it. They’ve been wearing the same pair of sneakers since the 80s and look at you like you have two heads when you tell them it might be time to update their workout wardrobe.   Bottom line, he’s not going to do it for himself, so do it for him. Buy him a new pair of kicks, some shorts and a tee and challenge him to family football game after the barbecue on Father’s Day Sunday.

by Abbey O'Bryan

June 9th, 2017
weekend getaway ideas beaches

Inexpensive Weekend Getaway Ideas for 2017

                        You may not be able to take that week long Spring Break vacation that you enjoyed when you were younger, but there are plenty of inexpensive weekend getaway ideas that are just as much fun.   A spring holiday is the perfect antidote to the winter blues that were filled with rain and snow. There are a multitude of travel options whether you decide to explore a new city or lounge at an ocean front resort.   Beaches
If you live on the west coast, you are likely only a short distance by car or plane to the sunny shores of San Diego, California.

by Joe Graceffa

May 31st, 2017
mobile photography in nature

6 Simple Tips To Improve Your Mobile Photography

There was a time when the only option was to take pictures with cameras and film. There was no such thing as using a Smartphone as a means for capturing precious memories.  But today, mobile devices make it possible to take high quality photos from the same gadgets that we use to make phone calls and check our email.   Since Apple introduced the first generation of iPhones in 2007, features on all types of cellular devices have been evolving.

by Joe Graceffa

May 29th, 2017
nb blog memorial day

Memorial Day Savings at New Balance

Memorial Day is a time to remember those who died protecting our freedoms, a time to enjoy our family and friends, and a time to relax and dream up your summer plans. For my family, Summer 2017 is going to be full of outdoor activities promoting fun, physical activity, and family bonding. At least that’s the plan. With two rambunctious boys, my plans rarely unfold the way I envision them in all their gloriously detailed splendor!   So far, Bryce Canyon hiking, Glacier National Park camping, and Cape Cod biking are a few of the stops on our summer tour.

by Abbey O'Bryan

May 22nd, 2017
summer office quill blog

Summer Stock Up at

With Memorial Day a week away, summer is just around the corner! Woohoo! That means you and your co-workers are dreaming about summer vacations and shopping for swimwear, sunblock and sandals. While you’re at it, don’t forget to stock up on office supplies for the summer, too! Afterall, nobody wants to return to work after a week in the Caribbean and discover the coffee, the copy paper, and the toilet paper are GONE! The horror! With the incredible sitewide deals at, you can satisfy all your business needs and set the office on auto-pilot for the summer.

by Abbey O'Bryan

May 16th, 2017
blush palette with pinks and purples

5 Exciting Beauty Trends for Spring 2017

Americans love their beauty products.  In fact, it is estimated that in 2016, sales from the U.S. cosmetic industry was estimated to amount to about 62.46 billion dollars. Whether it is mascara, foundation or eye shadow, the category keeps growing without any signs of stopping.   Every spring opens the door to a new world of beauty possibilities.  Vibrant lips and a sophisticated touch of glitter are just some of the beauty trends for the new spring 2017 season. Now that the sun is shining a little brighter and longer, it’s time to refresh your look.

by Anne Middleton

April 21st, 2017
steak and vegetables on the grill

The 7 Best Grilling Tips for Warmer Weather

At long last spring is here and that means one thing: time to break out the grill! Nothing says warm weather has arrived more than the smell of a meal cooking on a barbecue. And with the days getting longer, the great aromas of outdoor cooking are just around the corner.   There is no denying the popularity of barbecuing. From the backyards of wealthy Beverly Hills homes to the patios of New York high-rise buildings to the infields of NASCAR speedways, everyone enjoys grilling. According to a recent poll, in the US, 75% of adults own a grill or smoker and 63% use it all year around. In fact, retail sales of grills amounted to about 2.

by Joe Graceffa

April 14th, 2017
adobestock 136935968

Harry & David Save Easter

Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew. Sometimes you agree to host Easter lunch three days before Easter. Sometimes you learn that you’ll have thirty or more guests at said lunch. And sometimes both of your children get sick just hours after taking that giant bite. What’s a girl to do?! I decided I could handle it one of three ways: 1) panic, 2) cancel, or 3) figure it out. Option 2 was out of the question because several family members were already en route, coming from the far corners of the country.

by Abbey O'Bryan