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February 22nd, 2016
tips for spring cleaning

Tips For Cleaning Your Home This Spring

Spring is here, so set aside some time for spring cleaning.  We’ve created a spring cleaning checklist to help you get started. Instead of trying to tackle it all in one day, plan to take on one project at a time.  If it takes a few weekends, so be it!  Make this your weekend warrior project for March and you’ll have a home even Mr. Clean will be envious of. Though the average American home spends $600 on cleaning supplies, you don’t have to break the bank when you plan ahead.  Ready, set, go! o  Stainless steel. Your kitchen will feel lighter and brighter when you give a little love to your stainless steel fixtures.

by Anne Middleton

February 19th, 2016
sporting events and concerts to see in 2016

2016's Biggest Sporting Events And Concerts

You may be crunching your numbers for your tax return and itemizing to squeeze out a few extra dollars from the IRS.  You may be selling plasma.  You may be hawking some of your stuff at the pawn shop to afford that once-in-a-lifetime concert or sporting event ticket.  Slow down.  Breathe. Relax.  We have promo codes to help you get the best ticket prices for this year’s hottest events!  Americans spend a lot on concerts and that number is going up.  Over six billion dollars were spent in North America in 2015 which is up 22% from the prior year, 2014, alone.

by Anne Middleton

February 18th, 2016
rory mcllroy and phil mickelson callaway gear

Dissecting Rory Mcllroy And Phil Mickelson's Golf Gear

Everyone in golf has their eye on two players this year, Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy.  Phil Mickelson is a Hall-of-Famer and young McIlroy continues to make his mark.  You may not be a pro, but learning what gear these two players use could give you an edge in your own game.   Phil Mickelson He’s won 42 events on the PGA tour. Nicknamed Lefty, Mickelson has been a pro golfer since 1992.  Inducted in the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2012, we bet he knows a thing or two about playing golf.  Let’s take a look at what’s in his golf bag:   1. Mickelson loves the Callaway HEX Black Tour golf ball and he uses small dots to mark it.

by Anne Middleton

February 17th, 2016
what to know before you travel abroad

International Travel Checklist

Traveling the world is, for many people, a passion.  Last year, a ranking of the most visited cities worldwide was published and here are the top 5. 1. London, England    
2. Bangkok, Thailand    
3. Paris, France    
4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates  
5. Istanbul, Turkey     If you are ready to join the adventure and book your international adventure to one of these or other exotic locales, CheapOair is a great place to begin.  Since its inception in 2005, CheapOair has become a top five online travel agency.

by Anne Middleton

February 16th, 2016
best tech gifts for your loved ones

Hoverboards, Wearables & Home Automation: The Best Tech Gifts

The end of the holiday season not mean the frenzied development of tech products and tech gift ideas has ended.  The popularity of Apple Watches, Hoverboards, drones and Smart Home gadgets has triggered an eruption of tech ideas that can ease the strain and increase the fun in our daily lives. Here are some of the latest and freshest tech gift ideas for your consideration: 1. NOTTI: A Bright Idea Sold out at almost all retailers during the holidays, this tech gift offers multiple and practical features for everyday use that previously were unavailable all in one device.

by Anne Middleton

February 15th, 2016
top tips for renovating your home

Six Simple Tricks for Renovating Your Home

So you've decided not to put it off any longer. The horror and embarrassment of coming home to your stale, unattractive and dreadful décor in your living space can no longer wait.  It’s time to renovate your home and undertake a refreshing new design in your living space. If you are considering how to best renovate your home, you are not alone.  In 2011, the average spending per owner on home improvement was about $2,370.  Faced with a choice of moving or renovating, many homeowners chose the path of remodeling. Living space design can be tricky, especially when you decide to make it a DYI project.

by Anne Middleton

February 14th, 2016
hands hearts valentine

A New Way to Valentine with Joe's New Balance Outlet

Let’s face it. The chances of your loved one getting you exactly what you want for Valentine’s Day are not good. I love my husband, but he’s clueless about gifts for me. You either need to practice your fake smile or be bold and ask for what you want. Several years of fake smiles and lackluster gifts later, I now choose the latter. Surprisingly, it’s been a win-win for us. My hubby doesn’t have to come up with an idea he’s not sure I’ll like anyway, and I am guaranteed to love my gift. Win-win! Now, I know you may be thinking, “What’s the fun in knowing what you’re getting?” I agree.

by Abbey O'Bryan

February 12th, 2016
how to throw an oscar   s party

How To Throw The Best Oscar's Party

It’s an interesting year to throw an Oscar Party.  Even President Obama has weighed in on the controversy surrounding the lack of diversity among the Academy Awards nominees, saying “the industry should do what every other industry should do, which is to look for talent, provide opportunity to everybody.”  Let’s take a look at some Oscar party ideas that won’t be a flop. 1.  Make an Oscar ballot.  There are 6,028 voters for the Academy Awards.  Your party probably won’t be as large.  Nonetheless, it’s fun have your attendees cast a ballot prior to the show and give a prize to see who gets the most right.   2. Go for the gold.

by Anne Middleton

February 11th, 2016
gift ideas for men

Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life: Buy And Save

There used to be a time when coming up with gift ideas for your boyfriend was simple.  In a different generation, when suits were the standard uniform for work, a fancy tie was always seen as a great gift idea for the man in your life. Times have changed drastically.  Today the most popular gift ideas are functional, fun and casual.  Here are a few of our favorites: 1. Wireless speakers Almost any electronic gadget is met with a broad smile, and the funkier, the better. The wild shapes, materials and sizes of wireless speakers have made this category insanely popular and are an item that is sure to bring joy to any boyfriend.

by Anne Middleton

February 10th, 2016
blue pink bedroom

Pantone’s Color Of The Year: Interior Design Do’s And Don'ts

Pantone colors of the year for 2016 have been identified and the winners are rose quartz and serenity. That’s right. The shade color experts at Pantone believe rose quartz and serenity will be the predominant tones reflected in this year’s fashion, home interior and lifestyle choices. Pantone executives stated, “Rose Quartz is a persuasive, yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times.

by Anne Middleton