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May 18th, 2016

Make Him Glad He’s Your Dad

Father’s Day can be a tough one when it comes to finding ways to spoil your dad. Of course you could just pick him up another tie or “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug and you would probably receive a big hug from your Pop. But why not get him something unique this year? Experiences can make a long lasting memory and often will make Father’s Day happier than just getting more “things.” Whether it is a restaurant with Dad’s favorite food or an outing in the woods, it is no wonder that the most favorite gift is family time together. Trampoline Park Allow your dad to be a kid again and bounce around on Father’s Day.

by Anne Middleton

May 17th, 2016

Impressive 3-Ingredient Cocktails

Who says a good cocktail needs a dozen obscure ingredients? Some of the most enduring and popular recipes actually have a short list of ingredients and are the easiest to create. While there are very simple drinks that are just alcohol and a mixer like a Gin & Tonic, when you add just one more component, you can often create greater complexity and depth in your cocktail and more importantly, impress your friends during your own Happy Hour. Examples of stylish 3 ingredient cocktails include the always festive margarita, the Cuba Libre and the Old Fashion. Margaritas Margaritas are not just for Cinco de Mayo anymore.

by Anne Middleton

May 16th, 2016

Brilliant Ideas For Keeping Cool This Summer

When summer comes to mind, we focus on the joy of the warm weather, the trips to the beach, lounging outdoors and sharing evening bar-b-ques. But hot weather has an uncomfortable side, too. The scorching, oppressive heat can sometimes make getting through the day in comfort nearly impossible.  But there are solutions to the sweating out the day in the summer.  Consider a trip to your local shopping mall or enjoying a popular summer film at an air conditioned movie theater or even try a home remedy to keeping cool in sizzling summer season.

by Anne Middleton

May 13th, 2016

Which Operating System Should You Choose?

Last year, over 71 million computers were sold in the United States.  If the time has come for you to purchase a new personal computer, laptop or tablet, you have more operating system choices than ever before. But which should you choose when it’s time to buy a new computer? Here is a brief overview of the top options. And if you still need support after reviewing this information, the experts at MacMall and the on-line Dell store are there to help. Using Windows to the World Windows is the most popular desktop and laptop operating system in the world and is the chosen operating system (OS) for Dell computers.

by Anne Middleton

May 12th, 2016

Teach Your Kids About The Classics: Games & Movies

A classic.  It means something that is recognized and established as timeless. There are classic board games, classic books and classic arcade and computer games that bring us back to fond childhood memories and allow us to revisit the melancholy emotions of growing up. See if these classics touch your heartstrings. Classic Video Games Before there were stores like GameStop with products for Nintendo, Wii and Play Stations, there were innocent arcade games that tempted us to spend our dollars.

by Anne Middleton

May 11th, 2016

9 Items To Take For A Perfect Beach Day

Warmer weather is coming! It’s (finally) time to gather together those items that will make for a perfect beach day.  Naturally, the essentials of a towel, a new (and cute) swimsuit and sunblock are needed, but the list doesn’t stop there. Remember these essentials on your next trip to the beach: 1. The Tote A carryall for all your gear that is waterproof is a must-have.  Use one that is big enough to hold your towel. And if the tote is made of mesh so that the sand can fall out naturally, then that is even better. It is helpful to choose a bag with compartments and pockets to keep things organized and within easy reach.

by Anne Middleton

May 10th, 2016

How Prepared Are You For Outdoor Activities?

Exploring new adventures makes life more fulfilling and fun. That includes all types of outdoor activities. Whether you are camping in an unfamiliar locale, fishing for the first time, discovering birdwatching or learning to paddleboard, the proper equipment is a necessity. Sierra Trading Post offers name brand equipment for outdoor recreation to make your experience effortless. Or stop by Columbia Sportswear for an almost limitless selection of outdoor apparel and products whether you hike, golf or enjoy an adrenaline sport. Know Before You Go Exploring our great natural resources with your family can be exhilarating.

by Anne Middleton

May 9th, 2016

Which Online Retailers Have The Best Deals?

One Day Only Sale! Prices Slashed!  We’ve all seen these wild promotional claims when we shop.  But who really has the best online deals? Express and Kohl’s are leading retailers that you can count on to offer great coupons and promotional codes all year long. In 2015, retail e-commerce revenues from apparel and accessories sales amounted to 63.5 billion dollars in the United States alone.   Likely, you were part of that astronomical statistic.  Choosing a retailer that has great deals can help save money and allow you to feel better about your purchase.

by Anne Middleton

May 6th, 2016
best places to buy summer apparel

Best Places To Buy Summer Apparel

Summer dressing requires a little more thought as all of a sudden the temperatures climb and everything seems to stick to our skin. We also have much more flesh on display during this season of the sizzling sun. Whatever style you choose, having a wide selection of summer wear options is essential.  JCPenny and Kohl’s offer a wide variety of summer designs for every age, body shape and gender to rescue us from the scorching temperatures.

by Anne Middleton

May 5th, 2016
planning a trip in advance

How Far In Advance Should You Plan A Trip?

The experts at and car rental giant Hertz have been in their respective businesses for decades and generations.  They are among many professionals who recommend that you plan your vacation in advance. In many cases, the sooner you decide on your trip, the better. If you wait too long, trips may fill up and dates may become unavailable. Top 5 Reasons to Plan Your Vacation Early When it comes time to book your family vacation, there are several factors that come into play. So the earlier you can pinpoint and secure the details of your trip, the better.

by Anne Middleton