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June 1st, 2016

The Joy Of Less Clutter

When we think about decluttering, we usually imagine a pristine closet with hangers all facing the same way, clothes organized by function and color, and pairs of shoes that are easy to identify.  The reality is that many of us have overstuffed drawers and closets full of items that would be better donated to a thrift store or sold at a yard sale.  Consider for just a moment how your life would look different if you owned fewer clothes and had a minimalist wardrobe. As the cliché states, “less is more!” Creating a life without clutter can be liberating for the mind, body and soul.

by Anne Middleton

May 31st, 2016

Go Outside, Have Fun And Stay On Budget

Warm weather means plenty of opportunities for inexpensive and fun-filled outdoor activities.  So put down the video games, stopping posting on social media, and grab the family for some awesome activities that will get everyone out of the house.  Whether it is a few hours hiking together, a visit to a national park or even the unique experience of visiting a Renaissance Faire, these budget-friendly outdoor ideas are deliver a day of entertainment for everyone. Renaissance Faires Our guess is that you have never been to a Renaissance Faire.

by Anne Middleton

May 30th, 2016

Memorial Day Savings at Joe's New Balance Outlet

Memorial Day camp-outs, cook-outs...and veg-outs? Huh? Memorial Day is supposed to kick off the summer season of travel, right? The campsites open, the pools open, the beach summer season begins, and it’s a three day weekend so hitting the road is imminent. But does it have to be? Nope. This year we decided to do more than staycation, we homecationed. Instead of staying in your neighborhood for activities and entertainment, we stayed home...for everything. Sounds boring, I know, but don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

by Abbey O'Bryan

May 27th, 2016

Your Summer Reading List

Going to the beach this summer and looking for something good to read? Or perhaps you have committed yourself to assuring your family continues the healthy habit of nightly reading together even without assignments from summer school. Whatever your reason for making reading a priority this summer, consider taking along one of these enticing books being released this year.

Whether your definition of summer reading is a book on romance, mystery or a gripping true-life-tale, you’ll find a “shore” thing available to occupy your mind while enjoying the warm outdoor weather.

by Anne Middleton

May 26th, 2016

Do You Buy Food Online?

Before going to the supermarket, most of us make a list.  Then we try to find the time between work, carpool and family obligations to get to the grocery store.  Once there, we struggle to find a parking space, locate a clean cart and mindfully walk up and down the endless aisles…all the while trying to stick what is on our shopping list.  Why do we do this when and other delivery platforms now offer an amazing alternative to this unwelcome and time consuming act? As of 2012, 14% of U.S. consumers shopped for groceries online.  And experts in the category predict that e-grocery sales will increase 21.1% annually through 2018.

by Anne Middleton

May 25th, 2016

The Right Time To Replace Your Running Shoes

As a runner or a weekend warrior, you know that those super comfy running shoes that you love so much are like an old friend. Whether they are your latest pair of Nike basketball shoes or New Balance running shoes, your soles (and soul) feel secure and happy with this particular footwear. But all running shoes eventually wear out. And once they do, they lose their effectiveness and can result in serious problems.  No matter how much affection you have for your beloved worn-in shoes, you don’t want to wait until there are obvious signs of wear and tear to get a new pair.  By that time, you may have done damage to your feet.

by Anne Middleton

May 24th, 2016

Education Can Be Fun This Summer!

There are fascinating and exciting ways to encourage your child to learn over the summer that they will actually adore! Regretfully, we now live in a world where some of the most common activities kids get involved in over the summer are “brain drainers” such as video games and posting on social media for hours at a time. These rarely engage the brain of a child or teenager in a way that furthers their education. But all does not have to be lost during the summer.

by Anne Middleton

May 23rd, 2016

5 Reasons You Should Plan A Weekend Trip

Can't afford an elaborate summer vacay? Unable to get away from the demands of the job for a week at a time?  No problem! Forget the expensive airfare and opt for a weekend road trip or fun filled local Airbnb getaway.  Many of us grew up believing that the traditional 7-14 day summer vacation was the best option for family fun or couples romance.  But times have changed.  Unfortunately, the joy of a summer vacation has become elusive to many Americans. A study found that U.S. workers forfeited $52.4 billion in time-off benefits and took less vacation time than at any point in the past four decades.

by Anne Middleton

May 20th, 2016

Join The Action: Dress To See This Summer’s Superhero Movies

2016 is shaping up to be the stellar year in movies where civil wars erupt and superheroes take off the gloves and battle it out with each other. Superman is fighting Batman. Captain America is fighting Iron Man. Deadpool is fighting anyone in his way and Apocalypse is coming to take on the X-Men. Later this year, Dr. Strange, another Marvel superhero, will hit the movie screen. Yes, it should be an excellent year for watching them on the silver screen and a good year for an excuse to dress up in superhero costumes, regardless of your age.

by Anne Middleton

May 19th, 2016

5 Things To Always Order Online

In today’s technological world, just about anything from pets to appliances to discount flowers can be purchased online.  No longer is it necessary to waste time and gas money driving to and from stores.  But what are the best items to buy online? And how can you be sure the company you purchase from has a reliable website and reputation?  After all, the majority of online merchants do not have the rich history of FTD which began business in 1910, nor the over 18 years’ experience of shipping wine nationwide like the expert website of  Here are five products you would be crazy not to buy online: 1.

by Anne Middleton