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October 23rd, 2015
bproper boots autumn leaves

Beauty Is Pain No More

Curves and dad bods seem to be in.  There's the old maxim that "Beauty is pain," and now that we've relaxed some of the Olympian standards in body image, perhaps it's time to relax our feet too.  Let's nix those high heels that mimic scaffolding.  Let's stop cramming our feet into shoes that defy gravity and squoosh our toes into weird contortions.  Let's liberate our feet too.  I realized I had a problem when I went to an event with two extra pairs of shoes tucked into my purse.  One was a ringer pair of shoes in case the ones I had on became unbearable (and they did) and the other was the shoes I planned to trek to my car in.

by Anne Middleton

October 23rd, 2015
aauto winter tires

Winterize Your Vehicle

Winter is coming.  No, we haven’t been watching too much Game of Thrones.  Winter is on its way, so is your car ready for a polar vortex, or at least a little snow?  Take some time now to winterize your vehicle before too much holiday merry-making puts a dent in your pocket book. BASIC STEPS: 1.  Check your battery—Run a battery load test with your mechanic.  At frigid temperatures, a fully-charged lead acid battery retains only half its amp-hour capacity.  Battery not ready for Jack Frost?  Auto Parts Warehouse has an array of batteries, like the Optima Red Top, and you’ll get 5% off your order utilizing our codes. 2.

by Anne Middleton

October 22nd, 2015
verizon frankenstein

Frankenstein Day

We are all well-versed in the customs of October 31st. The typical festive Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, decorating, carving pumpkins, bobbing for apples, visiting haunted attractions and most importantly, overdoing the consumption of candy. But were you aware of the less popular, but just as festive Frankenstein Friday? This less-known, but significant holiday is celebrated annually on the last Friday of the month of October. Created by New Jersey resident Ron MacCloskey almost 20 years ago, it was no accident that Ron picked Friday to celebrate this day.

by Anne Middleton

October 21st, 2015
bproper witch shoes

Top Halloween Footwear Picks

It’s almost Halloween.  Have you gotten your costume yet?  What about shoes?  We’ve got shoes to round out just about any costume you can dream up, so here are this week’s top Halloween footwear picks.   The Gypsy Fortuneteller
With allure in your eyes and a little boho clothing, channel the mystique of the gypsy soothsayer. Be sure to have a headscarf, but don’t neglect those feet.  Check out Boston Proper’s Medallion Earrings and be sure to don their Boho Embellished Flat to that All Hallow’s Eve soiree you’ll be reading tarot at.

by Anne Middleton

October 19th, 2015
monster oyster world

The World Is Your Oyster

The world is your oyster…or so the saying goes. Direct translation, “YOU have control over the options in your life.”  Some philosophers believe this cliché represents an analogy to viewing your future as “a plate of oysters needing only to be pried open to be enjoyed with a pearl as a prize.” A bit corny, but factual for those unique individuals who crave the opportunity to step out of their “comfort zone” and enter the unknown. And if you are interested in adding exotic stamps in your passport from mysterious countries, you may actually be able to elevate your appeal as a candidate for employment.

by Anne Middleton

October 16th, 2015
verizon nuts

Are You A Nut Case?

Each year, on the cool fall date of October 22nd, the nutty people of the United States of America passionately celebrate National Nut Day. This novel public observance commemorates all the good things about nuts. This day is not about the nutty neighbor that lives down the street or the crazy co-worker who hoovers by your desk. Rather it is a specific food holiday that embraces the longevity of this healthy and nutritious snack.

As you might imagine, tracing the originals of this holiday is nutty. No one really seems to be familiar with the origin of this day.

by Anne Middleton

October 14th, 2015
verizon agave worm glass

Enticing Insects

Foodies, feeling stultified by kale and quinoa?  Find prosciutto perfunctory?  Then adding edible insects to your menu might be for you.  Now that Halloween’s just around the corner, we’ve listed out some enticing insects to add to your menus.   1.  The Agave Worm—If you’re a tequila connoisseur, you may have already seen agave worms in tequila bottles.  The preserved worm serves as proof of alcohol content, but they’re also a delicacy in Mexico.   2. Cockroaches—Roaches have an undeserved reputation for being filthy, but they’re actually very clean especially when they’re fed fruits and vegetables.

by Anne Middleton

October 13th, 2015
verizon map compass magnifyer

In 1492…

Do you recollect that famous rhyme we rehearsed in elementary school?  In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue….. Educators nationwide imparted this repetitive verse throughout during formative years.  We all acquired the  knowledge that when we celebrate Columbus Day annually on the second Monday of each year, we recognize the accomplishment of one of Italy’s premier explorers….the arrival Christopher Columbus in the Americas. But wise instructors and dedicated scholars are always disposed to poke around and dig a little deeper to uncover unknown truths for maximum classroom learning.

by Anne Middleton

October 12th, 2015
verizon cellphone case

Is The Ultimate Smartphone Case Really Smart?

With a 5.5” display area, technology nerds worldwide are exhilarated with the introduction of the new iPhone model 6S.  The latest colors appear to mimic the nomenclature of paint hues including Space Gray and Rose Gold.  For Apple aficionados their joy is unbounded with the announcement of the latest upgrades. Housing the new precious Smartphone model does not end with the purchase of the device.  Oh no…in today’s world of being better than your fellow geeks, the focus has converted to the prestige of the iPhone case. For $10,000, your phone can be covered in solid 14-carat gold.

by Anne Middleton

October 12th, 2015
aauto hayride

Haunted Hayride

Fall ushers in many seasonal attractions and one of those is the haunted hayride.  Whether this is a one-time offing for you or your business, you’ll need more than ghosts and ghouls to have a spooktacular jaunt.  Be sure your vehicles are ready for your haunted excursion. 1.  Brake Controller—Test your trailer’s brakes every outing and test the controller every six months or six thousand miles.  You don’t want your lurid imaginings to become baneful realities due to brake failure.   The AC Delco GM Original Equipment Trailer Brake Control from Auto Parts Warehouse should be on your hayride shopping list.

by Anne Middleton