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August 26th, 2015
verizon emojis

Emoji Evolution

Our discourse using emojis has been quite the hot topic this year, with re-vamped emojis being introduced to better reflect diversity.  Sony Animation even has an emoji-inspired movie in the works.  With 722 emojis to employ, there’s all sorts of stories to be told.  Emojis may be hitting their crescendo, with a themed game-show in the works, but they’ve been around since the late 90s. The first emoji was created by Shigetaka Kurita.  The first set of 172 12×12 pixel emoji was created to help facilitate electronic communication.

by Anne Middleton

August 26th, 2015
bproper nebraska

Travel Nebraska

Have mammoth amounts of family fun in Nebraska.  Nebraska isn’t always listed among the top-tourist trap states, but it has all the trappings of the old West and a few surprises to boot.  Whether you’re a rhinestone cowgirl, a budding paleontologist or mesmerized by some of the state’s geological wonders, Nebraska deserve a spot on your short list for your next great American excursion.  We’ve got great shoes to take your across Nebraska too. The state fossil of Nebraska is the mammoth, the ancestor of today’s elephant.

by Anne Middleton

August 25th, 2015
verizon clothes hangers

National Second-Hand Wardrobe Day

August 25th is National Second-Hand Wardrobe Day.  With the surge in environmental consciousness and concern for labor rights abroad, hand-me-downs have become hip.  Vintage clothing is in. Even celebrities are sporting finds from bygone decades in today’s fashion rags.  It used to be that you had to scour through the bargain bin at the local thrift shop to find a find, but now savvy clothiers are making quality second-hand and vintage selections shop-able online.     Two of Google Play’s vintage clothing hubs are Etsy and Mrs Vintage.  Etsy, of course, is also famed for its variety of artisan goods too.

by Anne Middleton

August 24th, 2015
aap woman fan

Extreme Heat Tips

If you’re complaining about the heat and you’re not adjacent to Death Valley, California, spare the complaining.  The world record for high temperature is 134 degrees Fahrenheit in 1913.  Still, even if you’re not sweltering in the aridity of Death Valley, you and your car need protection from the heat. There’s an urban legend that windshields crack and/or explode in extreme heat, which is why some crack their windows open slightly when parked to let the heat pressure out.  Over the years some have suggested leaving the sun roof open is as effective.

by Anne Middleton

August 20th, 2015
bproper virgin mary

Happy Birthday, Virgo!

Virgo may be the sign of the Virgin, but don’t take them for naïve.  Happy Birthday, Virgo, the organizer, librarian and quality controller of the zodiac.  It’s a special pair of shoes that tempt the discriminating, perfectionist Virgo. Virgos delve into the details. That’s why the Embellished Boot by Boston Proper is sure to be a winner for them.  Finely embellished, in dazzling geometric perfection, these boots dress up and down well and are perfect for changing seasons.  Get 10% off your order when you sign up for emails from Boston Proper.

by Anne Middleton

August 19th, 2015

An Interview with Sports Grid

Sarcastic, humorous, and all around captivating, SportsGrid writer Jake O’Donnell delivers the latest sports news in a discernable way. Having grown up with an interest in sports of all kinds, and having participated in a fair number himself, including basketball, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, and more, Jake had always been interested in this realm. But, he had never imagined a career in sports journalism; after college he started working in stand-up comedy and improv before being drawn to SportsGrid because of their sarcastic, snarky voice.

by Linda Lu

August 19th, 2015
verizon old woman nurse

Difficult Folks To Shop For

Some people are really difficult to get gifts for.  Everyone has a parent or a relative or finicky friend that’s just a pain in the derriere to procure a gift for.  Whether it’s Uncle Bob or Rabbi Feldman, there’s always some person in our circle that mystifies us when it comes time to proffer a gift.  Mobile apps can help.  Here’s a list of people that can flummox you when it’s time to give them a gift. 1. Grandma’s home health nurse
2. The rabbi, priest or minister
3. School custodian or maid
4. The nanny or babysitter
5. Your ex’s new spouse Here are a few tips: 1. Focus on their hobbies.  The rabbi, after all, is a Mets fan.

by Anne Middleton

August 18th, 2015
verizon left hand notebook

Left-Handers Day

Your left-handed friend is sinister, that is if you lived in ancient Rome.  August 13th was designated as Left-Handers Day, so show some love to the southpaw in the family.  While only being 10% of the population, lefties have had a huge impact on human history. Famous lefties, a short list: Isaac Newton. Albert Einstein. Joan of Arc. Pablo Picasso. Michelangelo. Aristotle. Julia Roberts. Bill Gates. Tina Fey. Leonardo Da Vinci. Chaplin. Henry Ford. Paul McCartney. Beethoven. Jennifer Lawrence. Mark Twain. Babe Ruth. Julius Caesar. Harpo Marx. Jimi Hendrix. Marilyn Monroe. Friedrich Nietzsche. Paul Simon. Oprah Winfrey. Charlie Chaplin.

by Anne Middleton

August 18th, 2015
bproper black cat

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Is your ebony feline the lady of the house?  August 17th was Black Cat Appreciation Day.  Inky-hued cats are often misunderstood and maligned and so this day in August is perfect for standing or purring in solidarity with our black cat fur babies.  There are superstitions abound about our ebony felines, like being sidekicks to haggy witches.  Here are few superstitions that still manage to follow black cats: A funeral procession meeting up with a black cat is believed to forecast the death of another family member. In 16th century Italy, people believed that if someone was sick he would die if a black cat lay on his bed.

by Anne Middleton

August 17th, 2015
verizon carp

Canadians Carp About Carp

Goldfish are becoming a huge problem in Alberta, Canada.  Canadian officials are carping about invasive carp that have endangered the native fish species.  Ecologists blame the well-intentioned who are disposing of unwanted, living goldfish in Alberta’s waters.  One goldfish they caught had burgeoned into the size of a dinner plate.  The freakishly large goldfish are an invasive species thriving in poor water conditions and this piscine invasion is really pissing off Canadian officials.  It is illegal to dump or transfer live fish from one body of water to another. Aquarium owners who no longer want their fish have some choices.

by Anne Middleton